Are you inspired to make 2016 an extraordinary year?
Do you start each year with great ideas, resolutions, or intentions but soon found yourself flagging or chasing the wrong goals?
Are you ready to try something different to bring your dreams into reality?

Give yourself the gift of time to relax and connect with that which wants to emerge from within you this year. Join Master Hypnotherapist Fran Klos and Intuitive Coach Jenn Sheridan (along with friends new and old!) as we explore vision, intuition, intention, and manifestation during this powerful workshop. We will approach this process from a deep level, accessing the voice of our Authentic Self through guided meditation, journaling, and visualization to aid us with our playful creation.

Release the past to make space for something new to manifest in your life

We unwittingly carry around dreams and goals and beliefs that no longer serve us, so we will begin by clearing out some of the old in order to make space for something new to emerge.

Connect with your inner wisdom to uncover your deeper vision

Your conscious mind may think it know what you want, but where are those ideas coming from? You change and grow so much year over year and yet often hold on to old hopes and desires. We will connect with that wisdom within you that knows what new possibilities are available to you and allow them to emerge.

Set intentions for this new year

Resolutions are so often discarded because they are rooted in “shoulds” and not your true vision. Intention has an inherent quality of “I can do this” in it that enables that vision to become reality.

Create an intuitive collage to provide both conscious and subconscious inspiration throughout the year

Vision boards impress our intentions within the subconscious mind, tapping into its vivid response to images to help us manifest our desires. While a traditional “treasure map” might contain pictures of money, slim bodies lying on the beach, or an attractive partner, our Vision Boards will get away from life’s “shoulds” and enable us to focus on truly heart-based intentions.

Choose from one of two workshop dates:

Saturday, January 30th
Sunday, February 21st

Envisioning Workshops are held in a relaxing, empowering environment in San Mateo, CA—the address will be sent to you when you register. All vision board supplies are included. Please bring an open mind; your heartfelt desires; and while we will have some creative materials to share, this is a personal journey, so please bring any magazines and/or pictures and words that you already have that speak to you. You may also want to bring your own journal. Light snacks will be provided.

* We will take a short lunch break during the 1/30 workshop; please bring a bag lunch to eat at the break.

Click here to register. Space is limited. Sliding scale donation: $35 to $50.

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